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Animal Track Stencils™

Make tracks to understand your favorite animals better!
Learn the language of animal movement with Animal Track Stencils™

Using Animal Track Stencils™ in the classroom appeals to tactile, visual and kinesthetic learners alike. The shapes and details of the tracks become a part of you as you draw the tracks and act out the patterns.

footprint from the wild

An Animal Track Stencil™ order comes in a folder and includes the following:
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  durable mylar animal track stencil durable mylar animal track stencil durable mylar animal track stencil durable mylar animal track stencil  

Action Stencil

Single track stencils

Natural History Info

Track Pattern Diagrams


Plus two free information sheets:
1. Using Animal Track Stencils Tips
2. Understanding Track Patterns

Denali wolf track
badger track Gentoo penguin track
steve demonstrates a walking gait

Ever wished you could make tracks with a polar bear? Follow a thundering herd of bison? Maybe even figure out why ground squirrels bounce around the way they do?

All it takes is a little imagination and Animal Track Stencils™ animal track stencils Animal Track Stencils are meticulous stencils of wild animals found, studied, and cast in the wild on four continents by master naturalist Steve Engel.

Steve demonstrates the walking gait of dogs, cats and deer.

Designed to educate and entertain to the fullest, every value-packed Animal Track Stencil Kit includes:

  • DurableAction Stencils with directions, a clear description of the animal's activity, and its species classification
  • Single foot, life size stencils of the animal you have chosen
  • A comprehensive Natural History information sheet for the animal, and
  • Track pattern diagrams that show how - and why - an animal moves the way it does.
animal track stencils

Animal Track Stencils™ stimulate curiosity, creativity, and a better understanding of the animals with whom we share the planet. Families, educators and (most important of all) kids of all ages love Animal Track Stencils™. You will too!

animal track stencils

Order lesson plan online here.

Animal Tracks Literacy Project Classroom Lesson Plan

Lesson I: Identifying Animal Tracks comes in a 3-ring binder with enough mystery track stencils for a class of 30, representing 8 common species. Outline of procedure, background information, examples of completed worksheets and all master copies needed for the lesson are included. $75.00.

Lesson Plan Objectives - Students will be able to:

  • Use new terminology to describe the differences in tracks.
  • Accurately measure and record data on a track.
  • Identify one or more mystery tracks using a dichotomous key.
  • Predict some aspects of the animal's lifestyle based on their tracks.

Animal Track Stencils™ are extra durable. In fact, if they wear out, we'll replace them - free! Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. So go ahead!

Over fifty North American birds and mammals available, plus select species from Antarctica

Check out our Animal Track Stencils Product List and order yours today!

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